My name is Richard Paxton and I build custom handcrafted acoustic guitars here in Bloomfield, Ontario, one at a time, using only the finest materials. I make each part of the guitar from scratch with well seasoned wood and assemble them in a humidity controlled workshop. A thin finish is applied and hand leveled to ensure optimal tone and volume are kept. This produces fine sounding instruments. Each  guitar can be custom tailored to suit the needs of the player. I spend as  much time as needed with the customer to make sure they have a guitar they are happy with. Approximately 100 hours goes into each standard instrument.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

As a player myself, I began guitar building for the need of a better guitar. Working as a wooden boat-builder in England I had the basic skills and old school training needed to produce my first guitar back in 1999. Just as in boatbuilding, in guitar building  you use your eye to create the shapes you need. So one lends itself to the other nicely.

Since then I have been developing my guitars to have great tone, volume and playability.  All of which are good ingredients for great guitars. I have been mainly concentrating on building OM and Semi-jumbo sizes but will be making Dreadnought, OO, and Parlor sizes too. I have also been asked about archtops and electric guitars which I plan to make in the future.

Please visit me at the workshop and I’d be happy to discuss your dream guitar or I can restore or repair your old one for you.